The Brand

Mishmash is a Portuguese stationery brand, whose primary focus is the premium quality of its materials, as well as the simplicity of the design of its products. In addition, because of their environmental concerns, they are committed to

sustainable production by upcycling their own paper waste, favouring local and manual manufactures,

and creating products with an ecological design, encouraging clients to reload and reuse their planners.

The Challenge

Whilst already being featured in over 100 physical stores, Mishmash decided to join forces with Remote Creative in August of 2021 with the goal of exploring their ecommerce potential and reaching a broader audience.

One aspect that had to be considered was that this brand had only started to have online sales as of October 2020, which meant there was an added challenge of increasing brand awareness and its online presence.

The Solution

In order to achieve these goals, our team opted for a “hands on” strategy, working closely with Mishmash to further improve the brand’s strategy and assist in email marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, our team’s copywriters were assigned with an important task:

to really put themselves in the role of a potential consumer and to carry out exhaustive research of the audiences that could work for Mishmash.

This resulted in the creation of several personas, each with copies specifically designed to appeal to that type of audience, and with a strong call to action.

The direct communication with each chosen persona meant that once the consumer arrived on the landing page of the advertised product, they were already familiar with it and, hence, closer to the end of the conversion funnel.

We also defined, in specific terms, the target audiences to which the brand could appeal, such as: students, social media managers, event managers, other managers in general, marketers, online consumers, organizers, creatives in general, among others.




Sales (first year)


Returning Customer Rate

Regarding the brand’s paid traffic management, the ads were studied and scaled through A/B tests, consumer response analysis, as well as Facebook algorithm response. Thus, we analysed which formulas worked best according to various parameters:

  • Copy size: shorter or longer;
  • Title and description styles: length, upper or lowercase letters, with or without call to action;
  • Text format: plain text, with paragraphs, bullet points;
  • The presence or absence of emojis and their quantity and location.

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In addition, we chose to examine a factor that is often forgotten or overlooked, namely the assessment of the competition. Hence, we researched worldwide for the biggest and best office supply brands and studied what they were doing well, what they were doing badly and, more importantly, what Mishmash could do better than them.

With our help, Mishmash reached 93,019.21€ in conversions in its first year online, with a 6.78 ROAS, turning the website into an indispensable new sales channel, with a lot more potential to scale.

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