Increase in Revenue and New Customer Acquisition

The Brand

Founded in 2004 (but with a business background stemming in 1985), Xtreme is a 35-year-old brand dedicated to the trade of footwear, apparel and sports fashion accessories.

The brand’s current mission remains the same as at the time of its creation:

provide access to and market high-quality brands and products, whilst offering the latest innovations in the industry and delivering the best service and maximum customer satisfaction…

With an online store dating from 2013 and eight physical stores spread across Portugal, Xtreme, as an official retailer, revolutionized access to the latest news from major brands in the industry, such as Adidas, Nike, Puma, Vans, Converse, Fila, among others.

The Challenge

The store offers a total of 70 different brands, a number that steadily increases according to the company’s needs and natural growth.

The challenge here was to scale the company’s online investment with a solid strategy that maintained a positive top of funnel return, while simultaneously retaining new customers. This strategy would allow for a sustainable growth in the short and long term, as the customers’ return rate proved to be high.

The Solution

In five months of collaboration with Remote Creative, Xtreme achieved a ROAS of 17.30, which translated into a growth of 69%, with a MER – Marketing Efficiency Rating – of 26.21, which is the metric that quantifies marketing efforts, calculated by dividing the total of sales by the total ad spend.







To achieve this result, both the Remote Creative and the Xtreme teams worked in constant communication, in order to align strategies and test hypotheses.

Thus, the strategic team designed and tested various approaches, comprising hundreds of creatives and copies, for the sake of discovering the most attractive combinations for the brand and to make them as profitable as possible at the sales level. This process was carried out continuously, in a joint effort between the two companies.

Our methodology included the design of a funnel where we identified sales opportunities, such as news, promotions, sales, limited edition launches, commemorative dates, best sellers and seasonal products.
After identifying all these opportunities, we structures the funnel in 5 separate levels:

  • Level 1: Cold audience, who does not know the brand;
  • Level 2: Page / Instagram / Facebook views
  • Level  3: Specific product views
  • Level 4: Products added to cart / payment proccess started;
  • Level 5: Audience that has made at least one successful purchase.

The continuous testing and tweaking of copies and creatives at each of these levels, allowed us to achieve a highly profitable segmentation with a strong intent of purchase.

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Since Xtreme has 4000+ products online, we implemented an automation system for dynamic creatives through the Roi Hunter platform, so that they were viewed specifically by each person based on their actions on the site. As a result, creatives were now automatically tailored with discount values, product model, and original price.

In this way, Remote Creative continuously sought growth by optimizing the various aspects that made up this company’s marketing strategy and increasing the return on investment, consolidating their customer base and the online presence, nationwide and, in the near future, internationally.